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Custom Fabricated Truck Bodies

Custom fabricated truck bodies for food service companies, dry freight companies to expensive artwork, maximizes the space needed for transporting frozen, cold, dry and highly delicate goods in an insulated, safe and durable way. Paramount Truck Body, conveniently located in Chicago, IL, makes truck bodies for any size box trucks and flatbed trucks.

We make your new box truck or flatbed truck according to your specifications with special or industry requirements such as an aluminum interior, plastic chemline, foam insulation and secure shelves to name a few.

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We employ experienced truck fabrication craftsmen that create long-lasting truck bodies. Paramount Truck Bodies knows that frequent truck body repair is not an option. That's why we weld our trucks instead of bolting the truck body together. This ensures the truck body's resiliency and stability giving you many more years of service.

Contact us today to have Paramount Truck Body fabricate your truck body today. We can create a single truck to as many as needed to keep your company running smoothly.